Tuesday, May 28, 2013

GRRRRRRRR - on getting and keeping perspective

Kate wrote this post on November 29, 2011, but didn't hit "publish."

There are a couple other "lost" posts, but this seems particularly relevant. 

I will not take out my own personal issues on the universe.

Promise.  - Michael


Ah, having a blog to write whatever you want, so nice.

Trying amidst all the shit to get and keep perspective, perhaps more trying. Zen is not in the building today.

Today, venting is such a release - and today is a complete rant, a rave, an "are you kidding me??" sort of thing about the shocking stupidity of some people....

So to the idiot who, after being reemed in the head with a ball in a school yard, now has kvetched enough to have all balls banned in East End school yards! Nice going. Fantastic. The world does revolve around you and your stupid head. Did someone steal your Halloween candy as a kid or what!?  But then perhaps this is the same fella (sorry, I cannot help but genderize!) who last year decided to ask for a ban on tobogganing. Or dig up the old play equipment in all the parks, or box in all dogs in parks, Can someone please give this person a detention?

Lines....1000 times, please....
I will not take out my own personal issues on the universe
I will not take out my own personal issues on the universe
I will not take out my own personal issues on the universe
I will not take out my own personal issues on the universe

The (A) miscreants who beat up a woman on Yonge St, and posted it online. Really!?? So, I can see the justification for throwing a dodgeball at someone's head.

The (B) miscreants who walked right on by and did not help. Really!!?? I am not sure which is worse, Miscreants (A) or (B). Someone missed the class on "playing nice in the school yard" - no wait, maybe these folks are related to the idiot in the schoolyard - ok, THAT explains a lot.

The jackass who parked in the accessible parking sot at Canadian Tire today - and is clearly ABLE bodied, but worse, no really worse for me - smokin a big ole fatty ciggy. I admit, I let it rip. I spoke in m big outside schoolyard voice - WOW, that's a NICE comfy spot you got there pal. And then ducked as he threw a dodgeball at my head. (Kidding, about the ball part).

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Blog to book

To all of Kate's readers, I have made this blog into a book.

It ain't cheap, folks, but it sure is pretty.

Kate did other writing that I will be sorting through and figuring out how to share in the months ahead. She wrote a manuscript based on this blog, but it also included expansion of various points and other just-for-the-manuscript sections.

There are a couple of different versions of the manuscript, so I have to sort out what's what.

In the meantime, the blog is now a book (click here or below on the cover), but it's also still a blog. The entire journey remains online for all to read.

By Kate O'Rourke