Thursday, January 7, 2010


While one might think this post was about some new grammatical term - in fact this is a post on the oft-cited "most important meal of the day" - breakfast.

Noami calls it "breffix" - and we love making her say it. it is so cute.

The daddies got waffle makers, both, for Christmas from me and the kiddies, and we all are benefitting from this wonder of modern technology. We have gorged ourselves on whipped cream smothered, chocolate chip laden maple syurp doused perfection. And sometimes, with a only a smattering of apple sauce a la Nana.

But truth be told, I do not like to jump eagerly from bed, greet the day, and eat a meal. I would rather have my toenails taken out one by one. Gagging down cereal, toast, or anything, Pah, no thank you. Coffee. Hit me.

I prefer a more leisurely approach, which no doubt for those of you who have known me for more than say, oh, 10 seconds, will know "leisurely" and "Kate" are not usually spoken together. They rarely meet on the same verbal continent.

However, for this - the first and most important meal - BIG surprise -I prefer eggs, with sauce of some kind, veggies, and carbohydrates - around 9 ish or later. Cultures in my office building does a lovely cheap and cheerful "omelet" on english muffin, and they slather it with mayo, ketchup, tomato, hell, whatever you want. That plus the vein smacking requirement, coffee, for a mere $4.

Then there is the deadly but delicious Bagel BELT from Tim Horton's introduced to me by Jason on the frozen road to Kingston - it might have been the obtaining of the BELTs that made us late for the Kingston meeting, or perhaps it was the frozen solid highway / ice rink the entire way on the 401...but the BELT memory remains. Yummy. Thanks Daddy O.

Even on weekends, I love frying an egg [the love affair continues] with Diana sauce, the chipotle version, and some shredded cheese....and a big blop of spinach [for health].

My lovely and significantly more physically active friend Krissy Van D in San Francisky sings the praises of oatmeal, her fave breffix food, on her blog:

What is on your plate for breffix???


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kvand said...

Thanks for the shout out KO! I could wax poetic on breffix for days and I share your love affair with the egg, which is also an excellent runners' food - I'll definitely be doing an egg post in runmamas kitchen soon.
I love 'breffix' - i will now think of it every time i hear the word prefix.
And a bagel belt sounds like something I would definitely wind up with around my middle if I lived anywhere near a Tim's - thank god I no longer do - the pecan maple danish very nearly did me in.