Monday, January 4, 2010

Fond-doooooon't - things NOT to feed your children

Many thanks for all your comments - on and off the blog. Off to an excellent start.

Tonight's episode of "What the Hell Do I Make For Dinner?" features the re-introduction of the fondue. Cheese. Lovely. Easy. 5 mins in the microwave. With vegetables and yummy bread, and white "wine" aka apple juice for kiddies, since the directions on the box says it is best consumed with white wine. Ok, I always follow directions...

So - fondue - roundly ignored by the kids. Heartily shnorked in great chewy gobs by the grown ups, who are supposedly trying to slim down - a good 10 lbs each so the wiifit monster will stop nagging us every time we get on it.

Naomi, she is my willing to try anything gal - so she nibbled on french bread with a slight smudgey smattering of cheese. Didn't like the cornucopia of veg already on the table so promptly went to fridge and fondue forked herself one tiny baby carrot. There, she says, that is much better. She knows what she likes.

Owen on the other hand, taking an old page from the book of his father - gutted - literally, half the french bread loaf. He calls it not surprisingly, "eating the guts". He got this habit from his dad - who learned to gut the table rolls [so no one could see] at suppers at the German [or Belgian, or something] Hall in Delhi, while waiting for the chicken or cabbage roll or whatever supper to start- bored out of his tobacco -pickin mind. Unlike his father though, Owen ate practically half a head of raw broccoli florets tonight. Small mercies.

Tomorrow, perhaps we may return to less exotic fare. Like pork chops and rice. Truth be told, I have a lot of stories re food from the Lee side of my life - like Lawrence's most despised upper dish EVER - and who could blame him - essentially it is thus:

Pork Chop Casserole

take pork chops, rice, canned tomato soup
slop together and cook til rubbery

What a culinary taste explosion. Not unlike the dish from my own mother -

Beefy Cobbler

Ground beef, canned mushrooms, canned tomatoes, and yes - cobbler buscuits...

But I cannot leave you without something more palatable to chew on.

Owen said I should share the Reid Family Cake recipe - since I blogged about it. This is like Chocolate Cake for Dummies [ not casting any aspersions, of course]. Really awesome if you let it sit for a day to rest

3 c flour (in theory, this is supposed to be sifted)
2 c sugar (you can use Splenda if you are like my dad, diabetic)
1/2 cocoa
1/2tsp salt (do not for health reasons omit this....)
1 tbsp soda
2 beaten eggs
1 c milk (in theory this is supposed to be buttermilk, but any milk works fine)
1 c oil
1 c hot water
1 tbsp vanilla

in the most unscientific of all baking methods, throw it all into your mixmaster (hot water last) , and blend till smooth. and bake it at 350. makes 24 cupcakes, 1 sheet cake or some other large flattish shaped cake, and 2 x 9 in rounds. times vary according to pan size.

and on this, I bid you adieu - a fondue- farewell.



Andrea said...

Hmmm your worst recipes sound kind of good to me! I love pork and rice - add tomato soup and it should taste like cabbage roll filling. Which I love and wish I had the patience to make a real live cabbage roll. MMMmmm. Fondue - too funny!

Auntie Cake's Shop said...

i think it was the complete lack of flavour that might have done it for Lawrence


Lawrence said...

Yes, most of mom's casseroles were bullet proof but that one was lame to the power of 10. The pork chops-baked on top, boiled on the bottom- needed a more spice. The rice on the bottom would often be undercooked as well. Now her meatloaf entombed in a loaf of crusty bread - there was a 70s dinner special!!!