Thursday, January 21, 2010

DRY, salty, or sweet

I read my February Bon Appetit Awesome issue - replete with fantastically revitalized old faves - sheperds pie, the Sunday lamb roast, veggie soups, love it. I might even make gnocchi....they make it sound so simple.

I am reading it in conjunction with DRY - by Augusten Burroughs, a horrific account of his battle with alcohol - horrific in that it is easy to comprehend how one slides down the slope to oblivion, even if one did not have such a dirty and troubled history- I would mainline alcohol too - no shit. But also a "revitalizing" book - the guy lives through appaling conditions, like Haiti but brought on my humans not an Act of God - apparently unscathed psychically, unmarked physically, and tells the tale with the best sense of humour pretty much anywhere I have seen. And a stark but still astonishingly hopeful view of other humans - that sounds very Oprah-esque, and I apologize. But sometimes I don't even have the kind of faith this guy does. Pretty fucking remarkable. I find it necessary to use expletives in homage to "Auggie" - potty mouth that he is.

I really really did not want the train wreck to happen. And when it does it is spectacular, like Bhopal meets Chernobyl, but with everyone sloshing their Dewars on the rocks around....Billy Crystal line is perfect here - "like Nuremburg, with drinks."

[Note to Augusten Burroughs - all due respect but I took your relapse quite personally, and almost came down to wherever you live to bitch slap you. But you appear to be alive from all accounts on trusty sources [like say, your own website, and less reliably also, wikipedia and google] so at some point you made a different choice, say, for instance - life over death. Keep up the good work. Love the cover of the Santa Book - you really were a dirty dawg, no? Glibness aside, I am delighted to be able to look forward to reading your others books that you wrote because you were not dead.]

So - from paper to food - here is a short list of foods which revitalize me - regardless of day of the week, time of day -

- eggs, hardboiled, cold, with a bit o' salt
- rich creamy blue cheese - like the fantastic Quebec artisanal Benedictin a bed of romaine, avaocado, and sweet onion dressing, with lots of cracked pepper
- a greasy western sandwich from Fit for Life - oxymoron that it is
- spicy sezchuan peanut chicken at Spadina Garden, with wonton soup and a BIG glass of water
- bbq steak, barely cooked - over coals, real bbq
-refried beans with salsa verde - I love Amy's brand beans
-molten chocolate cakes....with fresh whipped cream
-pulled pork, what is not to love about pork
- ketchup chips
- swedish berries candies
Chocolate caramels - no nuts, just yummy caramel

hmmm....a lot of vein cloggers. Better wash it down with a nice vino tinto. Sorry Augusten. Diet coke for you.

Cheerio, and keep thinking warm and revitalizing thoughts through the months ahead. And read DRY. Nothing will seem all that bleak afterwards, even Toronto's shit-covered side walks in the grey of February. And you might just not feel guilty about that next drink. You may need it.


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