Tuesday, January 5, 2010

"poik chops and apple soice"

So, true to form, we had pork chops. Told ya.

Ok, so it was mini sized cut from a slab of tenderloin. They like "baby" chops and rice. But no tomato soup though. TGFT. But with apple slices. Funny how those tastes go together...regardless of form. "Poik chops and apple soice" a la Three Stooges REDUX. We the grown ups, of course, had some spice and flavour on ours. Chinese five spice, hoisin, and bok choy. Yum.

Random Parental Rant: Seriously, how can children come to table, knowing the rules, of which there are many, because apparently I was born in the 1950s and require a modicum of decorum and like Latin-based words. Why the same crap over and over and over??

I feel like a broken record:
  • Elbows off the table
  • Use a fork or spoon, or anything other than the finger that picks your nose [for God's sake]
  • The napkin is for your face, not the tablecloth.
  • We are not having see-food tonight, so please close your mouth

Sometimes, it occurs to me, why bother!!??

All children, it was once explained to me by a parent of three, are feral creatures. They require taming. It's our job.

I thought at the time, "Wow, ya freakin' Nut-job". But now, upon reflection, I see the wisdom. They are bestial, most especially at table, or other times when they are required to perform - like seals. Well, the same guy who told me this truism also called his eldest daughter Selke, Welsh for SEAL. Performing was intrinsic to her name. A delightful child I might add. Wonder how she fares...Mary?? Please advise.

They are not born fully formed from the thigh of Zeus. They do not come with this ability naturally. A huge burden for all. Not to be taken lightly.

But less seriously, for my oenophile friends - the wine at dinner was lovely. Thanks to John and Melanie - progenitors of Nate the Great - we had a fine Ontario VQA - Monarch, Pelee Island 2008. A blend of Zweigelt, Baco, and Chambourcin. Loved it. Fantastically fruity, rich and jammy. Yes, jammy. Lovely. Like hot buttered toast with your favourite jam thickly spread all over right to the edge.

You know, a very clear memory for me is watching my dad of a Sunday smother, and I mean smother his toast with hot butter and jam. RIGHT to the edge.

Here's the skinny - LCBO - $8.95- love it!!! a TASTY Ontario red.


I love pork. I love wine. I love having lunch at Yueh Tung for a fantastic "real" cheap Chinese chilli chicken with Chinese brocolli - for Holly as she departs the Ministry of the Environment for part unknown in Guelph. Bon Voyage. You are so great, and the world needs more Hollys. Decent lovely smart people. We will miss you!!

Random Note: these posts come to me as I sit with Owen, as he begins his nightly passage towards sleep. I worked so hard in the early years to get him to sleep by himself, painstakingly, to obtain sleep of his own accord. And now, ironically, I find solace and extreme delight in writing this in his room, with lights out as he drifts off, listening to his radio, tuned to the only classical channel left in TO - his NLD makes this the best of all worlds. Music, quiet, Mum, dark.


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