Friday, January 1, 2010

Over Easy to Hard

Welcome to my blog. A humble attempt to offer forth recipes, random food or literary thoughts, and try to figure out the interconnectedness of life, love, food, friends, human behavior. So, a first post full of randomness. No 365 of anything. No best of. No famous people. Just me, some of my photos and hopefully, some input from others.

Post #1.

Secret confession. My favourite food is "the egg". The simpler the better. With salt. But to provide a very bad metaphor [or is it simile] like the egg, life is sometimes stupidly hard-boiled, or gloriously over easy.

Easy - like say, the Reid family chocolate cake recipe. Given to me by my other mother in law, the first. It is "In my sleep" easy. No brainer. Winner every time. Cupcakes, sheet cake, or layer. Easy.

Hard, like contemplating the next 12 months. What next...what will befall us?

Easy - like say, New Year's dinner. Filet mignon (tournedos); with from the box couscous, and artichokes hearts and steamed spinach.

Random Food Thought - "bifteck en beurre" a la Julia Child is detailed, but not complicated. You should have seen the butcher when I asked for a big hunk of fat to wrap those babies in. His eyes LIT up. So, begs the question, why if this book "transformed" America, are there no beet recipes in this tome?? Beets, a staple root of the North American kitchen since the first folks got kicked off the boat onto the shores of the St. Lawrence somewhere. But there is one, using the crappy canned variety which she then adds to the much loftier vegetable, the potato, in what could only be described as a pink-ish mish mash sounding salad. Frankly, Yuck. I feel myself catapulted backwards to need of a boofy hairdo and a martini sloshing around.

Random Literary Thought - discussing "doing women things" a la Carol Shields with Michael - as husband is currently wrestling with essay on same and her short stories. Feminist, innovator, and yet, she who also wrote that dreck about the woman murdered in the grain silo - Swann.

Easy - to love the snow that finally has arrived, in a fine powdered-sugar like way, sprinkled from the slightly marred and tarnished antique dispenser handed down from Nana

Bonne Année

Kate - aka Auntie Cake


kvand said...

Great photo and post.
Here's a funny thing. I've been referring to my daughters thusly for years:
Daphne is my sunny-side up and Alex is my hard-boiled. By watching them I've learned that a good deal of life is just perspective. But there is merit in both ways of looking at things. Sometimes it's truly a gift to always see the sunny side (like Daphne convincing her classmates to participate in Friday morning disco dancing) and other times it really doesn't hurt to be a little-hard boiled in your assessments (like Alex negotiating monkey-bar time with big 4th graders on the playground).
Guess there's room for all kinds of eggs (and bad egg puns) in this world, including me who is, you guessed it - scrambled. Wah, wah, wah!

Auntie Cake's Shop said...

hi darlin

oh, there are so man egg metaphors! really - my friend Andrea prefers her eggs smothered in yet more egg - mayo!!