Monday, January 11, 2010

Things You Should Eat (vs. what you might like)

The above link will take you to the New York Times - one of the 2009 "favourites". G & M, take note. Smart people read the Times. Because it is interesting, stimulating, and the writers use big words. And it can make you feel super really guilty like, MEGA fast.
I admit, I return to highschool vernacular when discussing vegetables and legumes. Sorry.

So the precis of above article [if you are too tired to click on the above link, which can happen if you are not properly fortified with the right foods] - eat pumpkin seeds, prunes, chard, blueberries, cabbage, etc.

Wow, newsflash here NYT folks - I know many a grown up who cannot pronounce chard, [ is it french? should I pronounce it Shard? What?] let alone gag it down - right beside their disdain for cabbage, and prunes. Truth be told, all are an "acquired" taste. If you have said taste, I find, you tend to be snooty about it too - like, Wow, I am sooooo food-enlightened, I actually LIKE chard / prunes / cabbage. ESPECIALLY with..."and here ensues their favourite recipe- for whatever.

Well hello - most of us would rather eat chalk or dust bunnies. And really, who ever encounters pumpkin seeds but for Halloween?? And then in a great sloppy orange goo soaked mess as it exits the sacrificial gourd - Really?? And eats them?
Prunes, what, are we 80+? In need of bowel-related aid? Gross me out to the max.

But I too, food trend skeptic, I now eat them. OK, I even like some of these chosen items. But they have to be creatively cooked, and with other things consumed.
For example - beets...thank you Susan and John for the roasted beet, walnut oil and blue cheese salad, as it rescued the beet from my mental dungeon...]

Well, I might live longer and prosper. Plus, I feel morally superior. I eat my leafy cruciferous greens, nuts and prunes. [Ok, so I only ordered them from my organics delivery for an extortionate amount of money this week after reading this article] But I think I am going to Heaven for sure.

200 g of organic pitted prunes: $5 - sweet, love em
150 g whole organic unsalted and tasteless cashews [from Vietnam?!! Whoa Nelly, no carbon footprint issues there] $5
160 g organic pumpkin seeds $4 [they are green....but they have a cute name - pepita! love it]
Jinkies....that's $14.....

Truth be told, I was cowed into submission by an article in a lauded newspaper. I have 2 university degrees, and yet somehow, I find myself apparently lacking in common culinary sense.

Oh well. Wanna share a handful of dried green pumpkin seeds with me? I have an excellent Chilean Viognier, well chilled, to choke them down with.
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