Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Big Fat Birthday Yum Dinner

I confess, I ate too much. the day began thus:

9:00 - meet with surgeon, to ensure guts will not be spilling out any time soon
9:02 - confirmed

9:10 - catch a bacon BELT at Tim's

11:30 - go for lunch with colleagues to say adieu, and eat Thai - mini shrimp rolls, bangkok noodles with shrimp - spicy hot - ok, and a little bit of the yummy basil beef on Lisa's plate, and some Thia fried rice with shrimp on Paula's... ok, they offered...

then change of plans - dinner at Le Papillon, so we can watch the ruskies tonight...

7:00 pm. Oh, Lord. food again. I am beholden to you Lord, for the lovely food provided.

despite wanker waiter - from France -oooooooh - we prevailed and parlayed la langue sans embarassment.
Saumon fume, capers, and red onion
Cretons with dijon relish
salade bleu - apple, maple, walnut, and benedictin, on a bed of laitue
crepe - ok, a bit dense, but ok - buckwheat, not so fond of it. with scallops and shrimp in a white wine reduction -so ok, i will buy it.

but la piece de resistance, REALLY

pouding chomeur a la mode

or something more fun

this is like, maple heaven on crack

Les canadiennes a l'anciennes - je vous remercie....c'est magnifique.

and of course, drambuie. what else to finish such beauty.

xo Cake

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