Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Fairy cakes

Naomi often gets me going down roads of thought I would not necessarily travel, so when she begins a sentence with "Well, Mum, I know you will have a hard time believing this..."She is usually correct. But when she continued..." XXX does not believe in fairies!! Can you believe it?" The dumbstruck tone of her voice was enough to keep me going for weeks on motherly adoration.

There is something ethereal and delightful about a room fill of 5 and 6 year olds, dressed in the heavy burden of crowns, sparkles and/or wielding swords, and giggling and cavorting, holding hands, seeking fairies. Oh, and Max from Where the Wild Things Are joined us. And a princess. And an imp - I delight in this diversity of spirit in all things. Perhaps a portent of future open-minded and free spirited big people. Who says those rules apply to me!!?

A simple party, really, those are the best. All hands conjuring the fairies to come among us....fairy bowling (flowers pots are the pins), find the fairy - hidden by Owen all over the living room - with a treasure chest of prizes if you find your fairy! Pass the parcel, in its end stage full of lollipops....And the wonderful finale of a story well-told by Daddy AJ, with all kids enraptured by the drama....

I love love love birthdays.
But it really is all about the cake. In this case, cakes, lots of them, all sizes, and one big one - covered in fairy flowers...

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