Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Recuperation - Week 1 - Day 4 - Hour 18

Suggestions from the floor thus far on keeping out of the jaws of mind-numbing boredom:

- watch TV - crap TV, expecially (like there is any other kind on during the day?)

I caught up on TV shows I miss all the time, through Rogers On Demand
I watched one movie - Love Happens - yes, as bad as it sounds, but I am supposed to be watching crap, right?

- find recipes for cooking octopus (this from Owen, who inexplicably, purchased a small frozen one (FYI, $3) at St Lawrence Market on Saturday. But now the Octopus is called Oswald, so it is unlikely he will get cooked, but dissection is still a very likely occurence in his future)

No progress on this one yet. Maybe Thursday. Good to have a recuperation agenda. Do not want to push it too much.

- make fairy wings (this from Naomi, who has a birthday party coming up, with fairy theme)

DONE. Harder than you think. Really. Bending wire, pulling old tights, trying to catch them as they go SPROING across the living room. Tricky. All without using ab muscles. Note to self, amend list of things that require ab muscles to include Fairy Wings.

Seriously, I would not blame Naomi if she took one look and thought, I said WINGS not freaky pointy wirey things, uh, shapes...but uh, thanks mum.

- rest rest rest

DONE. wow, not boring at all. sigh.

- read

Ok, I have read two books, that I had planned of giving to Owen but thought I should read in advance, so I do not get the surprises of say Elijah of Buxton, an amazing book, but not without a few humdinger surprises, difficult to explain lynching to a 9 yr old. http://thenewcanlit.blogspot.com/2009/02/elijah-of-buxton.html- 3 entire magazines - Walrus, Harpers, and yes, I finally read the words in National Geographic

- write on my blog

Eh voila. You lucky bastards.

But the good thing is, if I leave the mess from the wings, I will have something to do tomorrow. oh but wait, i am going to be busy looking up recipes for octopus. No wait, that is Thursday. Wait, what day is it again...ah, the invalid life.What fun.

xo Cake

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Michael Bryson said...

Ah, so I was at the hospital with Kate on Friday. A tiring experience all around. Late afternoon I asked her if the nurses were ready to "discard" her. Oops, I said. I meant "discharge." But they were happy to see her leave, too. For reasons aligned with the hippocratic oath.