Saturday, March 6, 2010

Girlfriends and Food

Food seems to be central to my existence. I can plan a whole day around lunch, dinner and often do!

Lunch - was delightful. A sunny day lunch. Fresh lemony sauvignon blanc, and smoked salmon gorgonzola and asparagus pizza at John's Italian Cafe with the ever delightful rapier wit Michelle.

The afternoon goes much faster when you feel like you supped well.

And then we had a lovely evening last night. We had Lenka and Mike and kiddies over for dinner - and while our usual MO is pizza and wine, since it is Friday, and the weeks are always long, last night I actually busted out and cooked. We had chicken breasts stuffed with asapragus, goat cheese, shallots and lemon on a bed of lemon parsley couscous. It was pretty darned good. It tasted like spring. Green, sweet, lemony, and juicy.

I felt an urge to cook. To smell the house up with shallots and butter. Light candles, relax, and let someone else do the dishes.

Then Lenka and I ran as fast as our little legs could get us around the corner for Rogue book club. A fine assortment of intelligent and fun loving women from the 'hood - who get together to ruminate over vino and eats - always yummy ones!!

The theme of this day then - Girlfriends and Food. And how my life is a fabulous place because there is always plenty of all of those delicious things.

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