Thursday, March 18, 2010

vacation snippets

A two week vacation has too many anecdotes, snippets, and random thoughts to actually be able to collate them all, unless I had an eidetic mind, which I do not. I supsect I do not have much mind left. However here are some random thoughts...

#1. I eat too much when I am in the US - Holy Cow! the portions could feed a small African country. Last night's feast was a "broil" for me - shrimp, scallops, flounder, and stuffed crab. In addition, baked potato, and this delicious, and I highly suspect, deep fried corn on the cob. How else they could imbue it with so much buttery flavour, I have no idea. Even the buns come with a mess of butter already on their golden whiteness of tops. it was a beautiful site - lemony buttery seafood. Michael eschewing the shells for fish -had cajun catfish - and it looked great. Fresh vegetables, lightly buttered, and al dente. Nice.

#2. Children from Canada are unaccustomed to "no-see-ums" and well, cacti. We decided to take in the sunset view from the lovely well appointed swing bench at the end of our road. We watched the local colour -deer munching, sun setting, Mexicans working, building the new gringo house on our street(!!), and then the no see ums started in....tiny tiny gnat like bugs that bite and leave lasting scars.....if you scratch. Then, Naomi sees some daffodils and thinks, oh, daddy, take my picture with them - and so, lays down next to a bed of cacti. Well, about an hour later we had out all the see-able pointy things out, and the wee child's body covered in Gold Bond cream.

#3. Museums and points of interest lack funding here. No shock really, but we went to this seriously amazing place, which would be friggin fantastic if any kind of money was dumped into it - the Penn School- the first school for freed slaves. Amazing. The campus is 50 acres - started by 2 white women, and guess what - there is only one building of about 20 that is actually open to the public. Very little interpretation, mostly photos and items in dusty cases. It was sad to see such an amazing and vivid cultural place essentially in decay. Well, it seemed that way to me. But then it also seems to me that a lot down here is in decay, the place seems to fall in on itself. Literally. Since I have been coming here (5 yrs ago) buildings I recall as in early decay are now gone or imploded. Dust. Or Sand.

#4. The endless array of sea creatures and shells and birds and critters is nothing short of miraculous. Who knew such things existed.

All for now.


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