Thursday, April 8, 2010

Asking for Flowers

I stood on the train, post work, big flowers in hand. Already once the twigs stuck in to someone, somehow. Not good. Bottom line is 6:00 pm Bloor Line, no room for big kick ass flowers on commuter time.

Plugged in misanthropic black 20s boy / man, catches glimpse of flowers. A glimmer.

So I ask plugged in misanthropic black 20s boy/man- "You got a girlfriend?"

Nod. "Yup."
"You want to take her some flowers?"
"She don't deserve no flowers."
"What about your mama?"
"Don't live with her no more."
"Well you will not get far in changin that girlfriend thing, unless you take her some flowers..."

White, 30s, man, says - entitled - "Hey. I will take some flowers home, total points from the wife!"

All of a sudden, flowers as commodity, point of conversation, point of light.

5-6 people want one, some, all

Disbelief. Words of advice on getting on the better side of the girl.

Not having your house smell like a funeral parlour.

Share. Be bold. Ask. Give away.

love it.


Kristine said...

Beautiful. This is the way to live life.

Auntie Cake's Shop said...

thanks! i'm trying. ;-)