Sunday, April 4, 2010

Spring renewal

Happy Spring!

I think the lessons I take away from this Easter narrative thing, is that you just never know what is going to happen.

You get one kick at the can - make it good, and spread your love

When the sun is out, go out and play - break bread, hang with your buddies, since you never know what is coming around the corner

Stand on your principles, but know when to quit - cos, the sun might be shining and you will have more fun standing on the grass wiggling your toes than on your principles.

Now, that is a God-awful mish-mash of metaphors. Sorry.

[Oh, one last lesson. ask to buried behind a big rock. Apparently, it seems to work better for resurrection than say, dirt - one good heave, and you're out and I don't think really anyone plans ahead to take a shovel. Even the best get caught out on that one ;-)]

The world can change in a day - your life, the weather, family dynamics, your fortunes, your health. You gotta be ready to receive, open your heart, let it in.

The big family supper was last night - it was lovely. a bit mayhem-ish, but that is part of the delight. Even the deaf old ones did not seem to mind.

Supper - was the most delicious ham from West Virginia, Smithfield Hams, -spiral cut, honey glazed - and wow. tender and fantastic. Sides: stuffed tomatoes - artichokes, spinach and cheese; scalloped potatoes and corn; and blanched asparagus. Dessert: mini boston cream pie cakes - above! the tops, before the filling.

I hope your spring is lovely, and that you are open to the changes as they come.

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