Sunday, May 9, 2010

Reflections on Mothers Day

So today was mother's day, and ironically, my children were with their dad, celebrating the women in his family, and also, the various birthdays that occur in April, May and June. I would be lying if I told you I did not miss their effervescence, racket, and brouhaha. But I also enjoyed some peace after what seems an extended period of stress work wise, life wise. I planted some fruit vines and bushes in my garden. I weeded. I mowed the lawn. I finished a book. I had a nap. I went for a walk with Michael.

Throughout this peace, I am also aware of other mothers whose children's absence is long term, permanent. I was thinking about several mums I know who have lost children. Euphemisms aside, their children died. Still born, cancer, heart conditions. Some as recent as this past April, some as long ago as 40 + years. I have never experienced this, and God willing, never will. But I believe God can be capricious. I believe there is no logic or order to what lies outside of our minds. Gabrielle lost Heiko, and works through it every day. Her Mother's Day post was lovely, a clarion call to us all that somehow, we are all connected. Lest we forget.

And to close, I link through to a video by my highschool grad date, Randy Spear -who sings a lovely song about rising above the crap...a delightful video

with love, Kate

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