Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Garden of Earthly Delights

I am blessed. I know it.

I have two healthy, lovely children who live right smack dab in the epicentre of every moment of every day. We adults could learn much from the rules that children dictate in that regard.

Be present.

Live big.

Moderate when requested.

Sleep when you can.

Eat what you want, but also listen to good advice about food.

Be polite because you have to.

Ask for the moon.

Save your allowance for what you really want.

Earn your allowance. Know when you haven't.

Try not to whine, even though it is VERY hard.

Smile at everyone.

Wear the clothes YOU want to wear. Life is short.

Know who will listen when you want to cry.

Be nice to your mom.

Call bullies on their crap.

Enjoy water, mud, sunshine, and hot dogs.

Subsequent to this - get dirty in the garden.

I have a lovely garden which keeps me focused on the tangible world around me. Our adventures into gardening, with gates, mesh fences, and an expanding repertoire of produce as I enthusiastically grab seedlings from the shelves of our favourite garden centres - makes my heart sing. Dirt, in its most elemental nature, brings me down to earth.

My kids persistently do so as well. They address elemental issues. Their [inner] child begs acknowledgement, and mine does too, even at 42.

Play in the dirt, enjoy the elements. Live in the present.

Oh, and never let your kid order THIS cake, no matter WHAT (dirt / dirty mind....slight difference- But Mom, its just a baseball bat?!!)

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Kristine said...

omg! tell me you didn't make that??? if you did you have missed your true calling. I love it. And you.
Hugs, K.