Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A note to Gabrielle

My dear Gabrielle, I have wanted to respond to these your last few posts,


as they speak directly to my heart about connecting to something visceral and tangible - something other than the safety bar on the rollercoaster-like 21st century ride, which we inhabit so tangentially on a daily basis. Clinging to it, when really we need to ground ourselves, literally, and seek much more elemental things.

I want to scream - Get off. Sit. Meditate. Surround yourself with birds, bees, etc. REST. EAT.

In such moments, I find I come back to the words of kd lang

Flawless light in a darkening air
Alone and shining there
love will not elude you
love is simple
i worship this tenacity
and this beautiful struggle we are in
love will not elude us
love is simple

I see it in other people's faces on the subway or in the elevator, at work - a deep yearning to connect with others

so i try [when i am brave enough] to realize it

connect. look. see. smile. be there on some elemental level.

it makes us whole in a fragmented existence.

with love, Kate

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