Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Summer Love

I love summer. it is my favourite season. I could live like this all year round. I live in my garden, on the various decks and porches, and outside as much essentially as possible in the months between May and Sept. I might even sleep outdoors, oh wait i do - we go camping.

Gardening, getting your hands filthy mucky, and ground in, is a fantastic feeling for me. Sweat pouring off me makes it a true labour of love - and enjoyment. Lawrence always said I would have been an excellent farm wife. High and fine praise.

things i love about summer:

sleeping in a tent - with crickets chirping, the moon shining in, the soporofic rustles of hot children wrangling their sleeping bags. Finally, at 42, realizing, i do not like sleeping bags and bringing a cool sheet and a nice old fashioned cotton "bedspread" -aaaah

cooking over fire - bbq, camp, coleman, no matter. the challenge to go primordially back and create something with a stove not plugged in

crickets, cicadas, butterflies, bees, caterpilars, cardinals, chickadees, grasshoppers

sunflowers, eggplant flowers, nasturtiums, beets, arugula - anything that grows in the wee patch

tomatoes from the vine - still hot from the sun

watching my children frolic in Georgian Bay, and watching Michael enjoy it with them

a COLD gass of yummy white

the view of sky from or back deck - watching the stars move across behind the trees as the planet shifts

my pond, with Levon the gnome, and Franklin the turtle, and a clear memory of Naomi making him "swim"

cold cold nesserode pie - fresh from the freezer (ok, so that one is new for me)

As my old friend Helen said lo those man years ago, "I love hot dogs, and sunshine......"

Me too.

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