Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Down and Up - fatigue and the Sex Pistols

The Down

from ---fatigue –verb (used with object)

to weary with bodily or mental exertion; exhaust the strength of: eg. endless chatter fatigues me

Here is what fatigues me, additionally: 

to weary with calls / emails from people who barely know me, and I never clicked with and vice versa, but who someow now surface to "talk" and console, advise; offer advice on wig shopping, and wig colour matching. GTFO.

The Up

Owen's music project is [no shit] a biography of the Sex Pistols. LOVE IT. He traded with Emma cos she could not even say the S-E-X word out loud, let alone in conjunction with a weapon. He traded for.....wait for it....Rudy Vallee.

Life is hilarious. even when you are completely "fatigued".


Val said...

I get The Down. I LOVE The Up and really hope Owen will want to share his project when complete.
As always, I admire your sense of humour and envy your ability to share so eloquently. LOL Val xxx

Val said...
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anjali said...

Hi Kate. I just want to say hello and tell you I am thinking of you. If it helps, I have a very good news story about the wretched disease that I will share if you want...not to take away from the obvious stuff you're going through and knowing everyone's situation is different. With you all the way...Anjali

Kristine said...

Love The Up. Re The Down, to quote Owen's project subject, 'NEVER MIND THE BULLOCKS!'...if you want me to go all Sid Vicious on 'em, I'd be glad to, unless of course I'm on of 'em in which case I will just shut up :-)

Haideh said...

It was hilarious - you know, the part about other people giving you advice. Well, here is my advice... don't listen to their advice! And by the way, I agree with Val about your sense of humour and ability to write and share. Always. H.

barb said...

Stress-too much advice and not enough sleep.
Everyone experiences it especially in fast paced 2010.
LADIES how do you handle it?
Do you grab one of the following?
A man,glass of wine, cigarette, phone, book, seek out humour, go for a walk, head to the gym.
Other suggestions for Kate?
Me, I am going to a massage therapistto relax.