Thursday, September 30, 2010

My Favourite Things

Ok, must edit this a bit - since the original version was like, WAY too saccharine. To follow in the old "Lee Family" tradition of complete positive over-compensation for anything vaguely difficult or unpleasant - I take a page from the ever perky and beautiful Maria Von Trapp - I am thinking on my favourite things as distraction - when I am feeling sad..... to keep my eye on the ball and off the boob.

ok, not so fond of brown paper packages, or warm woollen mittens - those are nice - but I no particular order
  • Braised lamb shanks, with lemons, olives and tomatoes - ok, seriously amazing
  • REALLY cold good white wine
  • Our beautiful dirt plot, where luscious chard, eggplant, leeks, tomatoes, squash, and carrots lived...and side by our shady bower
  • laughing so HARD with your pals about really stupid shit - like what kind of TSHIRTS we should make to warn people off - DON'T @$%* with me, I have CANCER; etc.
  • The smell of the kids fresh out of a bath - damp, and sweet
  • getting real mail in the mail - a letter, on fine paper, penned by hand
  • a murder mystery where I am NOT able to predict the ending....sigh
  • Finding something you lost a long time ago 
  • Getting FaceBooked by an old friend -Sarah!
  • Using expletives....a lot, lot lot
  • Virginia Woolf - everything but the rocks in the skirt pockets thing -too sad
  • Lucille Ball and the chocolate factory skit - that just never stops giving
  • Four Weddings and a Funeral - because I adore the gay couple in it
  • Skirts that fit the next season, fantastic!
Do Re Mi Fa So.....and so on.


mandy said...

What no chocolate on the list how very remiss.:)

Auntie Cake's Shop said...

AAAh good point. however, i am a dairy milk special kinda gal and that is usually pooh-pooh-ed my the chocolate mucky mucks

Anonymous said...

Not to worry cos the good cold white wine more than makes up for loss of chocolate
Mandy :)