Sunday, September 26, 2010

OK, bad mixed metaphors, I know.

 I [normally] on a good day am a pleasant person.More smily thank grouchy, more positive than not.   I do not profess to be a bleeding heart, or martyr to any cause. I have a terrible memory, so I write lists to keep on top of things, and try navigate the day to day travels of a working family, with friends, school, extra curricular stuff, and remain calm[ok, on the inside].

When life has provided me with issues or hardships, I feel I take then in stride - loved one's death, divorce, job loss, crappy bosses, etc. I take the "'kick life in the ass approach " and move on. Calm the seas so to speak, and keep moving.

But now I feel like I am on a boat heading toward  an enourmous black dark rocky shore, with minimal navigational tools, enourmous swells - but thankfully - and bizarrely - a fantastic cheering squad on the Bridge. I am so intensely pissed off at the rocks. But thankful for the cheerleaders.

Like Glee meets the Old Man and the Sea.

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Anonymous said...

Good morning Kate,

I'lll be thinking of you today. xo Gabrielle