Monday, September 27, 2010

PMH Visit

by Michael

Kate is drawing pictures with Naomi, so I'm providing a quick update.

Today, we met Dr. McCready, the specialist at Princess Margaret Hospital. The visit confirmed two lesions of "invasive cancer" in the left breast and cancer in the left arm pit lymph.

Treatment options discussed: surgery, chemotherapy, radiation. "Probably in that order." Uncertain is whether lumpecomy (lumps removed) or masectomy (breast removed). Next step: three tests: MRI, bone scan, CT scan. Dates for the tests are Oct 1 (bone), Oct 6 (CT) and soon (MRI). Kate is to call doctor's receptionist on Wednesday for the surgery date, which is expected to be 3-4 weeks from today. Chemotherapy MAY begin sooner than surgery, depending results of tests -- and also just what can be scheduled.

Doctor said: there's no statistical difference between a lumpecomy (followed with radiation) and a masectomy. They just can't tell us right now if a lumpecomy is an option (result of MRI, I think, will determine this). MRI will look deep into the breast tissue and give them a better idea what is going on there.

One of the lesions was felt by the doctors. One wasn't. It's small and deep in. The MRI will give more information about what it is like.

No information about staging or grades. Can't tell us that until after the surgery, apparently.

Owen wanted to know "how long is this going to last?" Answer: 8-12 months. Six months of chemo. The exact timeline remains uncertain, though the calender is beginning to fill up.

How do we feel? Kate felt better after the meeting. She knows more. Things are happening. I'd like to stop the clock at yesterday. A lot is coming down the lane. We will stay nimble and deal with it moment by moment.

Today is my birthday. I took Naomi to cross country this morning and watched her hurl around the school yard. The kids are now, as I write, chattering away with Mummy. LG. Life's good.


Haideh said...

Thanks for the update Michael. Let me know if I can be of any help.

Anonymous said...

Hi Michael.....I can so understand your feelings. Paul and I know that you will need a lot of suppport and having known Kate's family for many years you are blessed with great in laws. With love of your family and friends I know it will give you the strength that you will need.
You take care