Monday, October 4, 2010

Bone Scan - Negative

by Michael

Quick update. We were at PMH today and got result of Kate's bone scan. This test checked if the cancer had spread to her bones. It hasn't.


We were at the hospital because Kate had pain near her left collarbone. The doctor was equally reassuring about that. It is likely fluid, resulting from the biospy poke a few weeks ago. called lymphedema - when the nodes are unable to process infection, they spill outinto surrounding flesh.  The doctor doublechecked the left side of Kate's body. Found nothing new.

Advice - take tylenol, and lie down as much as possible.

Double phewf!

And onward we go.


S + P said...

Awesome news.

Mandy & Paul said...

Brilliant news

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

That's great news!


Anonymous said...

Wonderful news, Kate!
Virginia xo

Kristine said...

Woohoo! Awesome news! Hope all goes with today's scans too. Courage, cherie!
and kisses too,

Michelle said...

Thank goodness - glad to hear the tenderness is nothing to worry about either.

Giant hugs and spicy peanut chicken!


Anonymous said...

The BEST news. V xxx