Thursday, October 7, 2010

Food for thought

Hard to come up with post names, this one is sort of dumb...however, to the point.

I admit, I thought of posting on the horror that is a breast MRI - but decided to leave it at this: don't double book tests that require IVs and nuclear dyes for the same day; don't drink alcohol before hand; do take an ATAVAN. The machine sounds like a seriously awful 80s Japanese Punk Band - thunk thunk thunk. Face down, cold.....eeeeuuw

So, instead I thought I might focus on food - which is so sustaining and important.

A yummy recipe from Erin and Ally - delivered other night - basically -orange peppers, chick peas, garlic and shallots, black olives, sundried tomatoes, pancetta, edamame, tossed in lemon, olive oil and a bit of salt with crumbled feta. HEAVEN. We paired it with some salsa baked chicken breasts. Delish.

Last night we had honey / maple / mustard glazed salmon with mashed taters, and brussel sprouts in butter and salt. Yum. Yum. Yum.

Frankly there is a cookbook in here somewhere, I am sure of it. Michael the writer suggested - Kate's Cancer Cooking - and I nixed it right away...Horrors. There is a title out there lurking...and it will surface, I know it. And no doubt, a ton of soul sustaining recipes along this journey.

So, for those who drop food - if you share the recipe I promise I will share the no doubt copious royalties of the fabulously popular cookbook we will craft will be no doubt honoured with a check for about .85 cents per annum, as the book trade goes. but think of the glory!

Yes, Krissy, your pink party martinis will certainly be in there!!!!!

xo KO


alleycat said...

That's so awesome Kate - although you're stealing my idea of writing my own cookbook - which i "cooked" up during my first year of motherhood and have done nothing about... except the idea rekindled itself in the past week and I'm now seriously considering it! Partnership? :) Glad you liked the salad!

Anonymous said...

Suggest "Sustenance!", subtitled - "recipes full of love, for tough times" xxx

Auntie Cake's Shop said...

love the title - thanks!! whomever you are!

Anonymous said...

Glad you like it xxx V

Paddy C said...

Hi Kate

Followed this link recently because it looked so damn good:

Other good looking stuff there.

Anonymous said...

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