Friday, October 1, 2010

Friday update

by Michael
edited by Mrs. Brave

Quick update. Kate had her bone scan today. We went to Mount Sinai at 10 a.m., where Kate was injected with radioactive dye and told to come back at 1 p.m., which we weren't expecting. So instead of going home to nap, Kate stayed downtown and I went to work.

Ok, really I hung out in the uber-nice pseudo hotel lobby like breast cancer lounge of MSH. Dozed a bit. Felt a bit sorry for myself. Then made sure I had lunch plans. CANNOT waste opportunity to have spicy peanut chicken at Spadina Garden. with a friend.
Bone scan seemed to go okay. Kate will likely tell more later.

Yuck, boring, claustrophobic, lame. weird looking at your own skeleton for like, an hour. wondering about white blobs, vs. everything else. ho hum. spicy peanut chicken not sitting well. wondering if it will also glow. VERY spicy.

Other news:
- MRI dated confirmed - Oct 6th
- that's same date as CT Scan

Girls, line up the martinis.....

- so two remaining tests on same day
- next meeting with Dr. McCready, the surgeon and specialist on Oct 15
to find out if some, most or all of left side of body is going to medical science to help future generations of girlz...because someone should benefit from this shittyness - I signed the "here are my rotten cells" waiver so medical science would benefit. Yay me.

- where we will hear results of MRI, bone scan and CT scan
- and which is final meeting in advance of surgery on Oct 21

Mrs. Brave says......thanks to my wide group of lovely, kind, giving and blessed people for their love, support, emails, virtual and real hugs, lunch companionship, banana bread, muffins, jokes - especially those....

ok, and with apologies to any and sundry and teleflora -  Please no flowers. the kids spidey senses go mental and think I am going to die if flowers show up. I have had to conjure up some "creative" reasons, nothing short of we won the frickin lotto - so......thank you for not sending flowers. Really. Please spend your hard earned dollars on the fight for the cure, and send me a GREAT BIG VIRTUAL HUG.

To my fabulous TEAM KATE at the Ontario Honours and Awards Secretariat and their financial supporters running in TO this Sunday, to Andy by brother running for the cure in Mississauga, to Hailey, Molly, Emma and all those this running for the cure all over this weekend- A big serious smoooooochy kiss.

En shallah

xo  ACMB (Auntie Cake Mrs Brave)


Anonymous said...

Hi Michael,

Thanks for keeping us so well up to date with dates etc. I really appreciate. Kate is never far from my mind.


Joyce said...

Hi Kate and Mike. Thank you for keeping up this blog. Please know that you are all in my thoughts constantly, and I wish more now than ever that I'd managed to make the move to TO so I could be closer by to help. Meanwhile, consider yourselves cyber hugged in a big way, and share those hugs with the kids, too. If there's ever a time geting out of the city is the thing to do, Cobourg and Grafton are yours for the taking.