Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My Katy

Ok, this is sort of a weird freaky moment, but well, there it is. And I ain't even taking any drugs yet....hah! just you wait.

This is Katy. The Katy that predates Kate - Kathryn - Ms. O'Rourke, Mrs. Lee, Mrs. Bryson, etc. The one that pre-dates nasty western stereoptypes of girls, and smart, and pretty, and capable, and feminine. The one who essentially knew her world, and strode into with abandon. [Albeit in a very safe loving environment.]

Hers is the voice that calls to me through it all. All  of 9 years old, a free spirit, living in a far off land, able to befriend new people, find comfort in strange things, talk to anyone. She knows of travel, love, earthquakes, heartbreak, otherness. But throughout it all, an inner voice keeps her strong. This, my dear people, is the Katy who will pull me through.

xo KO


mandy said...

I remember that sweet face so well, must have been just after you moved to Pincourt.....luv ya xxxx

cricket said...

Kate, you are an inspiration for all of us to feel that little warm spot inside. The little glow of confidence and knowing all is as it should be. I remember feeling it when giving birth to J -- yelling with pain, firefighters in the house, but knowing that all was well. Even plants have it, the quiescent centre.

Kristine said...

And she has surely never left you through all your incarnations for I know that I know her well. She is the essence of you, Sparky. Go, Katy, go!

Anonymous said...

That's MY girl! I remember her so very well, and yes, she is still there, a little more handsome lovely, if that is possible!

alleycat said...

That Katy has always shone through for those of us lucky to know you! Yup, that's the Katy that coached my girl in soccer with her attached at the hip, with a lovely devilish smile. Who won my heart the first time she held my daughter's hand.

Kate - though this seems bizarre - go listen to the Time Warp - or anything from Rocky Horror - you can't help but smile!

And please let us know when you need food - for those of us foodies who love to cook but don't want to be a bother!