Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The mysterious co-existence

I don't even really know how to write this thought

- but how can it be that such poison as cancer can survive where so much love / faith / hope exists - the poison is not only buried deep within the frame and structure of a loved person, but is surrounded, like an onion, by layers upon layers of love and faith of different kinds - love of a child, paternal, neighbourly, Muslim, Christian, - seriously, an all-powerful miasma of positivity, on so many levels. so, how does the poison survive?

The day is gray, but I had such a moment of love - Naomi's best friend Lola came up to me this morning in the school yard with a lovely hand made get well card, and home made peanut butter cookies. What struck me was the intense love humans can have for each other - despite the proximity of pure poison, maybe in fact because of it. The drawing in the card was of her and me planting in our garden. 2 summers ago, she and I planted sunflowers, which grew enormous. It was a lovely memorable life-sustaining moment. Love - 1, Poison - nil.

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