Thursday, October 14, 2010

Overstepping the line

WARNING- this is sorta gross girl stuff, so you don't have to read it if you are squeamishly inclined.

So, yesterday, a fine gorgeous if chilly afternoon, not feeling too bad, had my nap, kids with friends playing in house. Life is good. Might even have a cocktail - and do some gardening.

 I have lymphedema, which is essentially lymphatic fluid in the chest cavity, since it well, has nowhere else to go through its natural channels, sort of like the Decarie Expressway on a really reainy day. (for you Montrealers!) It usually happens after surgery in the arm, but mine is right across the left side of my body, quite tender to touch.

 I know that. I read the literature on things to avoid. Strenuous lifting, and all that stuff. But gardening? cutting flowers, and pulling out dead stuff? No problemo. DId that for about 1/2 hour. It did not start throbbing until about 8:30 pm, and from there it was pretty much stabbing hot pain for about an hour. A hot flash gone awry own the left side of my body. Finally - very very cold cold facecloths seemed to work. Nothing like cold cold on your boob. But 5 extra strength tylenols,  and bout a million different tries for comfy places / ways to sleep later - I ended up back in the same spot. without the cold face cloths.

I guess gardening season is over. For now.

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