Saturday, October 16, 2010

Pieces of intention

Spent a lovely day.  Rosemary gardening in my garden for me, with intention, preparation for spring. A phone call from the top of the CN Tower made with intention from Mike, Naomi and Jasmine, so I too can be part of the glee. A series of photographs for me, created with intention by Bob, on his bike ride around the city. From the lovely and ever-present in the moment BK:

"I thought of you all day today, it was absolutely gorgeous out, one of those days where you can't imagine someone voting for Rob Ford. I cycled around aimlessly, then knew, somehow, what I had to do. And what I had to do was perhaps a bit odd, but necessary for me, in some way that I can't quite say. So here is a little gift to you, I hope you enjoy this and it was my way of being with you and sharing this glorious day. Hugs, B"


Anonymous said...

Love Bob's tribute to you (if it was winter, he could have peed your initials in the snow!). What a beautiful day and how appropriate to spread the initials KO over Toronto. If anyone can knock out this crappy cancer thing, it's you, Ms Kate. Big hugs from an equally beautiful, sunny Iqaluit fall day.


Andrea said...

Love the pics. What a creative, wonderful friend. I think of you all the time too. Hugs.