Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Rouse and Bust

Hmm...felt a sweet sea breeze this afternoon, when this little box arrived from Nova Scotia in the mail. Thanks for the fine delectable "canning" from the McClure / Cameron household - excellent packing job and thanks no doubt to Fi and Maggie for their fine wrap job.(I can say that with alacrity, since I have have had Susan and John's canning efforts before!)  Can anyone say rhubarb juice!? Now that takes me back....to a house on Pinewood?!

A thousand thank yous

xo KO


Bob said...

Lovely! How nice of them to send stuff to you.

Geez, now I really do have to get my act in gear and get our New Brunswick preserves to you! You can have a whole Maritimes thing happening!

Auntie Cake's Shop said...

yeah Bob, ya Slacker. xo

Scott said...


Anonymous said...

Hope you and yours enjoy the jams! Wish I was closer to offer more and to have been in better touch.

I think of you often - and will visualize shrinking the b***rds, as you go through chemo.