Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Self-portrait - (Better) Living Through Pharmaceuticals

Hey there. Sassy-assed Kate here.  New hair cut. New lipstick. New plan. New 'tude. Kicking ass and takin names. I was very motivated by my hairdo, and my 20-something hairdresser who said - "Wow, cancer is so, like, annoying. This is SUCH a cute hairdo! OMG!" Uh, yeah!

Chemo is 18 weeks long.

If you want to be bored by the details - neoadjuvant therapy - ie pre surgery chemo to shrink the beasts and then we go from there.

  • 3 x 3 wks of FEC (look it up - if you wish) - the HAMMER coming down hard
  • 3 x 3 of D - Taxotere - whatev after the FEC
This course of action is bound and determined to kill kill kill the tumours and make 'em smaller. And also, lose my hair (hence cut to lessen the pain when it happens - no word f a lie, so many people have told me it is less stressful to pull small clumps....), hopefully no nausea, but probably thinning nails, fattening body, dopiness (yay! can someone else plan and execute stuff for a while!?), fatigue, etc etc

Here's what we do not know. And um, perhaps it is quite critical. If I was a thinking gal. Her2 Status. Again, look it up. ;-)

If the Her2 status is -, well, then the battle continues for 12 more months post surgery, and is more fierce, and life threatening with a probable 50% survival rate.

If the Her2 status +, then the battles is also fierce, but SHORTER, and with an 80% ++ survival rate.

So, there it is.

But De Nile aint just a river in Egypt and I love my new do.

xo KO


Anonymous said...

Hey, look at my lovely daughter! Love the new hair-do. Seems like Samson lost his strength, you have gained a little!!
I will do my homework re status, see you soon kiddo, luv Ma.

Anonymous said...

We are in this for the log haul so whatever Her2 is we will be there despite your being "follicley challenged".

Love, Dad

cmd said...

KO - in honour of your most awesome 'do (and the sparkly sweater) I am leaving my first ever comment on a blog! I am so proud of you for all of the joy and anger and beauty and rawness in this blog (now that I'm all caught up). Also, you've OBVIOUSLY become a very accomplished shopper...and you said it wouldn't happen!

Anonymous said...

Love the new chic wow very cool !!!

So much love from everywhere can only bring positive results ...

Hang tough
luv Mandy xx

Anonymous said...

Holy c**p Kate you make me laugh. DeNile. Love it.

And absolutely LOVE the hair cut and want one just iike. Where did you go?

You're the best!

And you're going to get through this.


Auntie Cake's Shop said...

hello all - Gabrielle, if you want this haircut it will set you back 1 hour of your time, $80, and significant patience for Mya, the hairdresser, Level 2, Salon Fortelli, Yorkville. Lots of "oh thats so, uh, annoying" scattered through the "conversation". It was a fun ride though. lots of trannies getting their hairdoes, fun to watch.

Cath - I am a great proud shopper. was taught by the best! thanksfor trash mags.....they may assist in keeping me from doing any work today...i needed those at the salon!

mandy - yes a lot of love, i feel very lucky.

ma and pa - we will see you soo! xo

mouah mouah

Christina said...

Hey Beautiful....loving the Do..not that you'd look anything but awesome!!!
Sending lots of love to you and the fam. Stay strong and feel the love!
Big Hugs from C, N & M

Kristine said...

OMG! 20-something chics can be so...uh...annoying!
She gave you an awesome hairdo though, looking hotter than ever, darling.
My own hairdresser (and friend) Jenny went through this at 37 and now at 48 is better and stronger than ever. She just ran her umpteenth half-marathon and looked fantastic doing it. She also cut off all my hair last year for wig donation. I would gladly do it again but I think it's got too much grey in it now!
Love, KVD

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous pic, chic cut, FAB gal!:-)
You're amazing and we love you and miss you. V S A I J xxxxx

Anonymous said...

You be one hot mama! LOVE the hair, but love the attitude even more... You sure you're not the older one..?
By the way, I have my developed my own definition of FEC, um.. but can't post it ;)
Love you oodles and kaboodles

Michael Bryson said...

I hate to contradict my wife, but -- doctor said "chemeo reduces risk of death by 50%" ... which is different from a 50% survival rate (if my feeble brain is right).

The latter is only true if the total risk is 100%, but ... other treatment (i.e., surgery, rest, other meds, leafy greens, love, laughter, etc.) will reduce risk below 100% .... so I don't accept this 1/2 chance of death.

We will overcome.

There are lies, damn lies, and statistics.

Auntie Cake's Shop said...

Love it when you get feisty Bryson! and yeah, what he said re numbers and statistics...

xo KO

Anonymous said...

you look great, Kate!

Anne Winch said...

You are wonderful and amazing! I love the new haircut. Short hair is the bomb these days. I tend to agree with Michael and lets look at the glass as half full. As always, thinking of you.