Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sunday Post #2. Germies - no thanks

by Michael

Kate asked me to write this post and to keep it light.

Basic point: we know our house is about to become a home care setting. We need to keep unwanted germs and potential infections away.

So, trying to keep this light, if you have a cold or the sniffles, stay away! Ha, ha. (Not kidding.)

Also, we will trying to figure out a good hand hygiene protocol. What that swine flu thing last year just a test run?

I still don't know very much about chemotherapy, except that it weakens your immune system and takes a good whack at your white blood cells. And we're told chemotherapy could last six months, so we're (like the silly bureaucrats that we are) thinking about how to have the right systems in place early.

Okay, too much thinking, I know. Have you heard this one?

Knock, knock
who's there?
Irish stew
Irish stew you in the name of the law!

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cricket said...

On the keeping things light side...

Can you say "irish wrist watch" five times fast?