Monday, October 4, 2010

Update from KO

Kate here.

A suffocating midnight panic attack - like a ton of bricks on my chest, with an unpleasant hot towel wrapped around my head, over my face. The pain is increasing, so I am going to oncologist today to see what if anything is happening.

So - I think we have reached tipping point, and are reaching out and asking for help.

Mum and Dad are arriving Tuesday - to provide companionship, driver duties, cleaning, laundry, bedtime help, and homework help, etc. and general love and cuddles for all.

I would like to ask if you are able - to help us fill the freezer, as despite my last post on food and how much i love making it - there will be more mouths to feed, and less energy to work with for prep. I have learned from other experiences with friends and cancer - food sustains, and takes a huge burden off if you have it ready to go.

 If you are willing and able to assist, casseroles, soups, muffins, anything that can be frozen and re-heated - much obliged. We will have a  cooler on the porch, but a head's up something is coming is very welcome -  Also re-heat instructions.

Many thanks - in advance - for your love and support.


alleycat said...

Kate - Ally and I would love to cook something. Are there any food issues we need to know about - allergies, lactose intolerance, vegetarian, etc?

Anonymous said...

Frustrated I'm too far away to be able to cook for you. Sending love, always, instead. V xxx

Anne Winch said...

Frustrated that we cant help much from way up here. Keeping you close to our hearts.