Thursday, November 4, 2010

Chemo #1

by Michael

It's now approaching 10 pm on Thursday, November 4, 2010, and the kids are asleep, Kate is in bed, and Ted and Maureen are downstairs watching TV.

The day began with the smell of lemon bubblebath, as I lay in bed and heard Kate splashing in the tub. Around 7:30 am, Kate's brother Andy arrived and at 8:00 am Kate, Andy and I left for PMH and Kate's first chemo treatment, which was scheduled for 9:00 am.

Andy drove, and we were in the chemo "day care" waiting room by 8:45 am, where we stayed until nearly 10:00 am. Kate expected her chemo to last for 3 hours, but it started shortly after 10:00 and was over by 11:30. We took a digital video recorder and have the evidence that the treatment went well. Quickly. Everyone was in good spirits and it was relatively uneventful.

We were home shortly after noon, and we saw the kids before they went back to school. They each tugged on their mum's hair. Hey, it's still there!

By mid-afternoon, however, the effects of the drugs had taken hold, and Kate began to feel like "fucking hell." Massive head ache, nausea, waves and surges of awfulness. She kept drinking sips of water as directed by medical staff. She ate small amounts of food, but it offered no relief, and shut down any desire for more. She asked for ginger ale, but that wasn't any more appetizing.

As we head into the night, it is uncertain if sleep will arrive or provide any comfort.

Tomorrow, we are heading back to PMH for Kate to get an injection that will help boost her now depleted white blood cell count -- and help minimize risk of infection and fever. She also has another anti-nausea medication to pick up.

Then that's about it until three weeks from now, when Kate will get Chemo #2 (after blood tests to ensure her body is up to the beating).

Kate is not calling this new stage "treatment." She is calling it "recovery." The cancer is now under attack. We mean to take it down hard.

Thank you all again for following along and your offers of help, encouragement, comments on this blog and simple connection. In the midst of crisis, we know that everyone has different challenges they are managing and that life is a rich pageant of diversity. Today has been an example of that. Despite and amongst the pain we have witnessed, we have also seen and experienced pleasure.

Naomi presented her first ever school project today; it is about a hamster habitat. Owen brought home his class photo and watched "Bones" on TV with Mummy before heading swiftly to bed and sleep without incident. We call that a good day on any week. To have it today, was extra nice.

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How are things today? I'm thinking of you!