Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Night Before Christmas

It is true, it seems a bit like this for me. I have all my candy for the big event, I have good company around, and a fine meal will be had tonight to celebrate this new chapter. I even scored a new freezer pack bag from the drug company.....yay me to bring my stash home in.

But wait, wasn't the Poseidon Adventure set during Christmas, or was it New Years....ok kidding, sort of. again apropos of nothing other than some good 70s humour - here is a classic Ebert comment on the film, still a favourite of mine:

Everyone is in the ballroom, neatly divided into key ethnic groups, walks of life and former Oscar winners. When the ship turns over, Gene Hackman engineers an escape attempt. He takes the large Christmas tree (conveniently constructed of aluminum tubing) and turns it into a ladder, so that the passengers can escape from the ceiling of the ballroom by climbing to the floor. Then the idea is to make their way up the down staircase, until they get to the back of the ship. See, the steel in the hull back there is only an inch thick. Talk about luck.
It isn't enough, of course, for our band to fight their way through the bowels of the ship. They have to fight each other, too. And it is important that they stop every now and then - especially when explosions are rocking the ship and the water is creeping higher - in order to discuss the meaning of what they are doing. These discussions usually involve a fatalist ("I'm staying here; I don't care if I die,") and a defender of the life force ("You can DO it. Just dare to take the first step.") 
This is a wonderful formula. I love it. "The Poseidon Adventure" is the kind of movie you know is going to be awful, and yet somehow you gotta see it, right? They ought to be honest in the ads: Cornier than "Airport"! More cliches than "Grand Hotel"! The most character actors in small roles since "Flight of the Phoenix"! Bigger ups and downs than the elevator in "Hotel"!

See! Shelley Winter's left thigh! Hear! Ernest BorgnineAlbertson promises to give Shelley Winters' underwater swimming medal to their grandchildren in Israel! Gasp! As Gene Hackman recoils from flames! Glop! As Carol Lynley is covered with oil! Hold your breath!  (From

I am eager to start the recovery process and you know, find the inch thick wall in the steel hull to tap through
 to the other side. Doubt Gene Hackman will be there to pull me through, but Dr. Warre seems a fine alterative, he even has a good set of side burns. Don’t you love a really stinky metaphor!??

Serioulsy, I am aware of my conscious and sub conscious mind, and the mixed messages. My sister and I had a good cry last night about how helpless we can feel in the face of this thing (as big as Poseidon!). But really, I don' feel it now. Not that I haven't or won't again, as will the loving group around me. But each day is a gift if it comes without worry or fret and as my friend Sherry said - just love them - she was speaking directly to me about the children, when i told of her of my own despair- and life will find its way through.

I love a good distracting conversation - Rob Ford, the Republicans in the Amercian House, your divorce, your own health issues, the "gee- what will i buy - the pink or the blue top"- "did you llike so and so when she taught Owen"....all non cancer related topics are welcome. There is nothing selfish about talking about yourself and your stuff to someone who has cancer - it is more than the sum of us, and life carries on on every plain. Connected, amazingly like the stinky, wet corridors of the Poseidon!
XO Katy 

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Anonymous said...

I've been out of touch, But I'm thinking of you and sending love. V xx