Friday, November 5, 2010

Post Chemo

by Michael

The day after Chemo #1, Kate didn't exactly bound out of bed, but she was feeling better. Managed to eat some breakfast and walk about.

We went back to PMH this morning to pick up another anti-nausea drug from the pharmacy and get an injection for Kate. The nurse taught Kate to do the injection and she did it herself. In future, she will do this one at home. The day after chemo injection to help boost white blood cells.

We also stopped by the chemo doctor's office to find out Kate's HER2 status, which is negative. The doctor had said medically there really wasn't a preference on way or the other, but Kate had been hoping for "positive," which meant a more aggressive cancer but one that responded better to treatment. Still, there are benefits the other way, too.

Then we came home and both slept all afternoon.

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