Thursday, November 18, 2010

What do you get when you cross Kurt Browing and Sinead O'Connor?

Auntie Cake the Bald!


The rest is by Michael ...

Also today, Kate had a PORT-A-CATH inserted into her chest. This device will be the entry way for the next five chemo treatments. It is also where blood can be collected from.

So, no more needles.

We went this morning to Toronto Western Hospital, where Kate was attended by excellent male nurses an a 13-year-old doctor. Well, I'm sure he hadn't started shaving yet. He was, however, also excellent. Device installed, we returned home shortly after 1pm.

Bandages remain for 48 hours and no showers! The device can stay in for up to three years.

Kate has some discomfort and pain and a stiff neck. There is going to be a mighty assed bruise there as well. (Kate bruises easier than a ripe peach.)

In the long run, this device will make things easier. Today, it's a bit ouchy.


Anonymous said...

Hey Kate, I hope the port-a-cath isn't sore for too long. Loving your new look, and loving you too :-) Sending you lots of warm huugy vibes xxx V

Paddy C said...

Lookin' bad-ass. So I'm leaning more to the O'Connor side. Browning always gave the impression of a momma's boy. Just don't start ripping up pics of the dope.

The port-a-cath is a weird thing. Kinda lab ratish but way better than lots o' needles.

smiths medical is likely very pleased with the idea that the device can remain implanted for up to three years. but my guess is they are the only ones.

Auntie Cake's Shop said...

no papists around here, but i do have a nice prayer to Fra Andre, healer of the sick. Won't rip it up, promise. You're right I'm not really like BRowning, I am too masculine to look like him. ;-)

Anonymous said...

...the same beautiful soul - no matter what dressing you put on or take off of it... I love you inside out, upside down, right side up... no matter, you're still you - beautiful you.

Jen Farr said...

Hi Kate - I don't know if they mentioned this to you, but ask for some topical numbing cream. You apply it to the location of the port before your having it accessed and it will help avoid any discomfort. From what I hear the port is fantastic (as fantastic as these things can be).

Auntie Cake's Shop said...

ok, will do!good thinking Jen. thanks

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see you in person Kate! It seems your strength, courage, honesty, charisma, wit and humour are shining even brighter now (didn't know that was possible). You're inspiring!

Thanks Michael for taking such good care of our dear friend.