Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year

What a lovely day out there. Last one of this God-forsaken year. New blue-sky blog look to herald the new fresh year which will be better for all of us.

Time for a wigged-up walk to the shops, for veg, fruit and things for chocolate fondue. A stop at the florist for a fluffy bunch of pink and celadon flowers [nary a christmas red spot in my bouquet]. And on the way back - a trip to Cobb's Bakery -olive bread, cinnamon rolls for tomorrow, and this fruity bread I know will be fantastic with melty brie whenever the craving hits.

Warm enough to wear my red coat, cheery weather, in fact. A jaunty cap on top of that wig.

A good night's sleep is like manna from heaven. I feel like a completely different person. How is that possible? Actually, who cares? I am giddy with feeling good. It feels great to feel good.

So this "new" person made herself a simple but delightful sandwich, the best kind  - revelling in its saltiness, and dreaming of Mediterranean warm breezes. Olive bread, a smattering of oil, sliced sweet golden boy tomato, and paper thin salty prosciutto. About 4 bites. Life is good.

Happy New Year. 

xo KO


Anonymous said...

What a wonderfully beautiful photograph to welcome in a NEW year with (re)NEWed hope for a much, much better and healthier annum. We will think of you tonight as the four of us struggle to make it to the start of 2011 - amidst games of labyrinth, sorry, rat-a-tat-cat, and traffic. We wish you and your family the peace, joy, and HEALTH that you all so richly deserve tonight and well into the future.

David, Kate, Alexander, and Graeme

mandy said...

Love the picture, A very happy , healthy and peaceful new year to
you and yours.....
PS the sandwich sounded yummy.