Thursday, December 9, 2010

look, it's ACTION

Wuhoo! Hairless no longer. It is real hair, I think, not mine, but someone elses. All the wigs had ridilculous names, but this wig is called - get ready - "Action" - and it is something like toasty marshmallow colour. The other choice was "Posh" - Lucky Michael to get "action" instead of "posh"...could be costly, I could start asking for Dolce and Gabanna suits and LeBoutin shoes, and rename our kids Cruz, or something as silly.
And who doesn't want a little action??!!

Guess who makes it - Raquel Welch. No kidding. The biggest boobs in showbiz makes wigs for those soon to be boobless. Define irony.

I will be very disappointed in my friends if there are no rug jokes. C'mon people, make me proud.

xo KO


mandy said...

bootyful !!!!

Anonymous said...

awesome pic Kate - way better than the one I took!

Auntie Cake's Shop said...

yes, but Cath, yours was illegal....

Anonymous said...

You look gorgeous :-)
Love the necklace too
V xx