Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Pink cheeks and soft hats

I ventured out into public today, bundled up, with the winter works,  full down coat, etc. Had lovely pink cheeks by the end of my adventure, from the cold. Felt energized from it all. I needed to get something done.

I was off to get stocking stuffers, hit the LCBO, and drop off a parcel at the UPS Store. Lovely soft fat flakes falling, the merest of winds blowing them around. Very pretty. Then, chitty chat in the school yard. Owen has a buddy over to play video games, and then Christmas concert tonight at the school.

Doors and windows are opening and closing all over the place today - as we welcome baby Cade, 8 lb-er, to our crazy wonderful world and bid a fond and sad farewell to our lovely "Auntie" Ronnie, gone quickly. Life is a carousel of stuff, whipping by. Colours, noise, and then rest.

Thought I could walk both ways - but fatigue, and my zealousness, well, they got the better of me. Resting now, in a  lovely surprise hat that came by post -from a wee elf in UK - cashmere is a delight next to rough itchy head.

I am thankful today for this normal. Embrace your normal, and get some fresh air!

xo KO

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