Saturday, January 8, 2011

Chemo #4

by Michael

A short post to continue the post-chemo updates (#1, #2, #3 here). Kate is now 2/3 done. Only two more treatments to go. The first three were FEC; the final three are "D" or taxatere. The difference between the two type may be immaterial (generally). That is, the doctor said the new treatment will "attack the cancer from a different angle," but Kate's post-chemo experience "shouldn't be all that different from the FEC cycle."

We'd expected "more fatigue," as that's what the literature said. Kate had the chemo yesterday, and so far she reports "a different type of tiredness." Hard to put a definition on it. She was up today. Shoved the snow off the 24 stairs to our front door, even though I told her not to. Then this afternoon we went for a longish walk. She is alert, but tired. Feeling something she isn't quite sure yet how to describe.


Steve said...

Snow shoveling is very satisfying. With little effort you can effect big change.

Anonymous said...

Hope you're feeling a good bit better today Kate. Sending telepathic hugs n love V xxxxxx

Anonymous said...

I am thinking about you, Kate, and hope that you are feeling better today. sending positive thoughts your way to help you through this journey. love, CBR.