Friday, January 28, 2011

Penultimate Chemo - down the hatch

And only one more to go!!!!

Frequent flyer Kate has become a pro at this. Snack bag - check. Crossword - check. She now recognizes other "guests" in the waiting rooms, stops for chitty chat; now knows which nurses to avoid for blood work; and also knows which to look to for drug input (Sammy). New twist today, I had ice bags kinda like slippers on my hands and feet. Not as uncomfortable as you might think. Andy took a picture will ask him to send it to me. Some kind of freak of medical science, for sure, anyhow. Chemo fashion is really nice.

I have taken a whack of pre-emptive anti nausea and pain meds - to counteract any symptoms which might come - like waiting on the ramparts of the castle for the marauders. Boiling oil at the ready. Or maybe dead cows. Fetchez la vache!!!

But, I am still upright. Still clear headed. No gut pain, back pain, finger pain, head pain. We will monitor for any tweaks or twinges, and by god we will then blast em right away......No messing with me this time. Final stretch.

I cannot wait for this to be over. So, of course,  I can have the surgery. Such is the business of keeping afloat.



Anonymous said...

Thank you - and to Michael too - for sharing with us. I'm humbled. V xx

Paddy C said...

From the previous post:

"the cancer has been all but obliterated"

Now that sounds great!

Congratulations (or something) on getting to this one Kate.

Look forward to seeing you both soon.