Wednesday, January 26, 2011

PMH Visit - Jan 26

by Michael

I went with Kate today to Princess Margaret Hospital for her pre-chemo #5 hospital visit. Not sure what was up at PMH today, but for us it has been a very efficient place (on time, in and out quickly), except it wasn't that way today.

Kate had a bloodwork time of 10:00, but didn't get in until after 10:30. Then a 11:15 time to see the doctor, but didn't get in until close to 1:00 pm. Then we had to visit the phramacy, and they made us wait until after 3:00 pm.

So we left home at 9:15 and got back after 4:00. A full day. I had booked half-a-day off work, but by late afternoon decided I was going to go straight home.

All of the medical new was good, but for a 10 minute visit with the doctor it was a long freakin' day.

In short, the medical news was the cancer has been all but obliterated. The nasty side-effects Kate had with the last round might be mitigated in the next round by some new meds she got today. She is "slightly anemic," but good to go for a full whack of chemo this Friday.

Current schedule is sixth and final chemo will be Feb18.

Next steps are for us to contact the oncological surgeon, who will schedule a new round of tests (MRI, mostly likely, maybe others). Then he will advise about likely surgery, likely radiation treatments.

Doctor today talked about tamoxifen, but then realized he was getting ahead of himself. Kate needs to be referred back to the surgeon before potentially progressing to hormone therapy.

So all of the news from here today is good, but we are tired. Spending hours and hours at the hospital is exhausting if only because it is a constant reminder of the seriousness of the enterprise.

Of course, the delay meant we weren't able to pick up the kids at 3:30 after school, so we had to scramble to make arrangements. (Thank you, Belinda!) How we all hunger for a return to simple routine.

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