Thursday, February 10, 2011

Ottawa Here We Come

by Michael

Tomorrow, Kate and I are flying Porter to Ottawa, returning Sunday. The kids are staying with their dad. It's a break in routine, one that we're glad for (the kids not so much).

Very much looking forward to it!

On Monday, Kate goes back to see Dr. McCready, the surgeon, who we expect will help us understand what may happen next. Tests. Surgery. Whatever.

The past week has been, on the whole, relatively normal. Within what passes for normal around here these days.

I went to see my doctor today. He said if I needed to take one week off, two weeks off, three weeks off, it could be arranged. Wait and see what Dr. McCready has to say. Figure out what would work best.

We'll see.

I had a chat with a psychologist through the Employee Assistance Program earlier in the week. He encouraged me to take two weeks off. He recommended the book Deadly Emotions by Dr. Don Colbert. He also recommended oatmeal with bananas and walnuts, vitamin B complex and Omega 3 pills with fish oil. Plus regular exercise and hitting a pillow while verbalizing anger (do this in a room alone).


I also went out last night with my friend Mark and talked about books. We were at The Only Cafe on Danforth, where I first went in the late-1980s. It hasn't changed much, though the men's bathrooom is now on the other side of the basement hall and it's clean. This was never the case previously. (Previously, it looked like a place where Keith Richards might have shot up.)

The Only Cafe is where Kate and I had our first date (where I famously wore white running shoes). Today is another anniversary, the 4th anniversary of me meeting Owen and Naomi. It happened at the ROM on this day in 2007.

Four years later, look at us now.

And now, ladies and gentlemen, The Beatles!


cricket said...

Add vitamin D to your list of supplements. 1 000 mg in the morning and 1 000 mg at night. We need vit D to be happy and at this time of year we sure aren't getting any from the sun.

I'm glad to hear you are getting away for a couple days.


Anonymous said...

I hope you hava a fab time in Ottawa. Sending you lots of virtual hugs, lots of love as always. Vxx