Sunday, February 27, 2011

A rollicking good party

This post has nothing to do with cancer. This one is purely for Naomi - my sparkly gem. She is 7 now.

Really, nothing says "Happy Birthday" like sparkles and 10,000 tiny pieces of Playmobil everywhere and only half the instructions. Gives new meaning to a thousand points of light - glitter provides more than that, let me tell you.

An "art attack" hit our house on Saturday, and a small army of willing souls pulled together to provide Naomi with one fantastic 7th birthday. Maybe even a birth-e-nalia, in fact. A verifiable hootenanny. Nothing really says "overcompensation" like an art attack birthday party (ok, cancer ref #1)......

An excellent idea. Lovely! Creative! Remind me never to do it again.

"Logistical Execution" might not have been given enough consideration on my part, I admit, even with an ECE trained helper and alcohol to assist. Uh, I have drug addled brain (ok, cancer ref #2). You no let me plan stuff, 'k?

It seemed simple enough really (if you smoke crack, say) to get stuff from the dollar store, and then cover all surfaces and tables with sheets of plastic, oh and then cut out small 4x6 pieces of paper and forget where you put them and have to do it again, sort 10 zillion types of glittery things, jewels and stones, and cut enough coloured wool to make me a nice wig......[good one Nana Barb!]

Let me tell you, "Look who's 8 years old" is looking more like 1 friend over for a hot dog and a video.

But ok, really, it was fun. For the kids. Self portraits, seascapes, treasure boxes, clay creations - and after that 15 minutes was up.....Well, yes, mummy, duh. I thought it might take longer than it actually took for 7 wee ones to whip through 4 craft stations - express style - and then - 7 little expectant faces - so what's next!? Tongues wagging, a little bit of slathering over the Doritos bowl.

Thankfully other adults with firing synapses were present - and some quick thinking on Cathy's part for some games - how novel! games at a party! So who likes Simon Says?!  provided the ticket for another 45 minutes. And cake takes about 5 minutes. And then presents - but when timed how quickly they can be unwrapped....well, not as much time as you would think.

Seashells, glitter, friends, balloons, silly games, presents, and a big old chocolatey cake. And alcohol for the grown ups, really, needs must (ok, cancer ref #3, beer and chemo, not a bad combo, bitter both). That about sums it up. 

And I am dead serious about hot dogs and a video. Shoot me if I do otherwise.


Ian Hadden said...

A hot dog and a video? Really? And miss all the fun of memory making at the craft tables? I think you have at least one more party in you!

Auntie Cake's Shop said...

ok, alright. i think i can i think i was secretly a lot of fun. i love sparkles. xo

Anonymous said...

You are one amazing Moma and therefore Naomi is a lucky seven year old young lady. We're sad that we missed it, but chuckiling inside at the mental picture you painted for us. Thanks darlin' for sharing V xxxx