Friday, March 18, 2011

On Watercress Pond

We have just returned from Watercress Pond, for several days – then on to Tweed to pick up the kids. It was a most lovely little spot in the middle of the Caledon Hills. Our hosts were respectfully distant, except for the introductory welcoming hug from one, and chit chat about cancer - hers and mine. Then off to get on with her life.

One member of her clan though, Maggie, the lab, became fond of us, and I think, although I am no dog whisperer, she kept watch. When the sun was on the front door, she was laying there, peering in through the glass (No dogs allowed in, or cats, smokers, etc, even if they reside on the property. This is a safe allergen free haven). When the sun shifted, she moved to the other doorway and sat there. Ever vigilant. We went for a beautiful long walk joined by the dogs (Maggie, Guardian and protector (golden lab), and Sophie, lovely too – a flat coated retriever for you doggie people.) Maggie was obsessed with her throwy toy. Mike and I obliged. We both agreed, Maggie is a part of the therapy. Apparently though, we were the first guests she has acted like this with, not even going home when her master called. Doggy got into trouble. Oops. We may have to dognap her.

But there really is nothing like doing nothing - except walking by chilly ponds and streams, with goofy dogs, and yummy hot meals, and reading books by a roaring fire, and sleeping like a rekindle the inner spirit. The walk took us through a lovely neck of woods, with a stream, an old stone cabin of some sort, and a beaver dam - the sun beaming down on us, impossible to not feel right in your bones.

We have had a roaring fire for two days straight now, and we played scrabble, read, and ate and drank. And of course, played with the dog.

Our host had breast cancer 5 yrs ago. She is an Anglican minister. She and her husband open up their lovely farm house to anyone in need of refuge or respite. The guest book includes a wide variety of names – from people who barely know them, to long time returners to this place. There is a pool (outdoor), climbing gym, and all manner of puzzles and books for little people not to mention the rooms of bunk beds.

There is caring for others here, of all sizes and ages. There is a giving and an easiness about this place, that I hope I can export to my own life. The open air and positivity of the environment embrace you.

Our host came to us again on our last night on her way out to dinner, and we thanked her so much for her generosity and care – she said she was glad we came and could enjoy the place.

When she was gone for dinner I proceeded to climb the tree, which looks onto the valley and trees beyond. It has been begging to be climbed. I lived my childhood with 4 apple trees in the back yard. I took to it again like kid to candy. Mike too some pictures. Ok, so I am nowhere near so gainly as of yore. But it felt good to ham it up and pretend I am leaning over the precipice of a dark valley. Hey, wait a minute....

xo KO

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