Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Port-a-cath .... Gone!

by Michael

Today we were at Toronto General, where Kate had her port-a-cath removed.

Quick, 20 minute surgery.

Went very well. Excellent care today. Lovely nurses and doctor.


Here a link to the post from November 2010, when the port-a-cath went in.

I remarked to Kate that she's been doing a tour of Toronto hospitals. In the past year, she's had care at:
  • Toronto General
  • Toronto Western
  • Princess Margaret
  • St. Mike's
  • Toronto East General
  • Mount Sinai
Phew! (I just asked Kate which one she considered the best: Princess Margaret. Toronto General was overall non-cancer related best. Toronto East General was the bottom on the pack.)

Kate asked to keep the port-a-cath, so the photo here is the exact object that was removed today from her chest!

As Princess Fiona says in Shrek Forever After, Better out than in!

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