Sunday, April 10, 2011

On the approach to normal

Yesterday, we took the subway to the TIFF Bell Light Box to see the Tim Burton exhibit - the place was packed. Ok, so his material is freaky, and sometimes gross, but the man's range of talent is stupendous. From his early Burbank CA life to his now infamous celebrity Hollywood life - on so many levels - the exhibit covers them all really well. The failed-curator in me had a lot of other thoughts - like too small a space for too many things - claustrophobic, but clearly a MOMA type exhbit - polished and packaged.Well-lit, but text panels too small for each object. Not well delineated - as it by movie? time period? OK, I will stop.

 Some stuff too freaky even for me - hence the 8 yrs or older caveat. Naomi was clinging to Daddy at about the 3/4 way through point. There were a few points where we thought it might be a good time to leave. Thank God they have a seriously [and yes, freaky] funny video of his version of Hansel and Gretel, which was was just ookie, but the kids laughed a lot. Marshmallow houses ooozed sugar through holes when punctured. Nice. Tm's big fake candy cane nose, excellent.

Later that evening, we bumped into some friends as we were coming out of the Varsity cinema [NB - Kate out in public TWICE in a day, doing normal life things!!] after seeing ARTHUR and they were on their way in [to not see ARTHUR]. We chatted about our day, and my friend Ed said, wow, the kids can live through the hell of cancer but Tim Burton freaks them out!!??? Ironic...or something to that effect....interesting point.

And I take his point. We the grown ups in this Cancerland may be inured to normal horrors, because we have witnessed or participated in worse, but thankfully, the children have miraculously survived, intact, with their gore-meters working pretty acurately. Somehow, they have been kept at arms length from the real horrors. and what they did witness, has been absorbed into their mitochondria. Such resiliency. I am now even more impressed with my kids.

However, this was supposed to be a post about the approach to normal.

A gorgeous day - daily outing on transit, Naomi raking leaves in the back yard, Owen and Naomi in the school yard on their wheels of various kinds, sunshine, planting vegetable seeds and strawberries, kids fighting over who gets in the newly mounted hammock on the upper deck....Spring. Normal.

I have to say I think I have about 65% mobility back in my left side - admittedly, I do the exercises -sometimes - but doing stuff I like to do - gardening, etc - is also providing the same motions. So I do some dilligently others not so much. I cleaned the toilet today, and that was too much of the wrong motion. Gee, that's too bad.

Seeing surgeon tomorrow to find out what was in the removed part of my body.

Happy Spring.

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