Tuesday, May 10, 2011

AWESOME # 2 - Macdonalds 2 - everything else on the planet - 1

ok, so maybe cold glass of water is #1, really.

Holly said...

- learning something new

- macdonalds after some drinks

- little bursts of idealism that make you think anything is possible

- a cold drink of water

- watching the leaves emerge after a long winter

- my sunroof

- movie night...

- laughing so hard I get a head ache

- realizing that life isn't about the small things

- reading as a trememdous person goes through something so heavy with such strength and personality...


Lisa said...

Here's my Ode to Common Things (which is really just a guise for awesome things)

Ode to Common Things

Tea in a tea cup.
My eight pairs of jeans
all in various stages of fading.

The kitchen sink,
hands rushing to clean a spoon.
Sport socks, dress socks, ankle socks.
The sun.

Pines higher than office buildings.
Soap that won’t wash off.
The ring on my finger.

Lawn chairs iced with snow.

A white dog running through a park
in a red and blue sweater,
running back to find her master.

Cold feet.
Cold coffee.

The smell of a tangerine.
The spray you can only see in the sun
as you peel off the skin.

Auntie Cake's Shop said...

lovely - the spray of the tangerine...