Monday, May 9, 2011

Gilda has the last word

Ok, actually, the first words. Upon facing her imminent death from cancer, she said:

"Life is about not knowing, having to change, taking the moment and making the best of it, without knowing what's going to happen next."

That is awesome. Not but closer. More awesome, because they are words from someone facing their fate head on. Life, short, full, sad, real, blinding, riveting, awesome.

And really, when you read the list in the book /blog/ soon to be movie, it is profound. But, I wish to start my own list of awesomeness - and we are encouraged to do so by author whatshisname - although, just saying, his name is hard to find on his actual blog. Apologies to whatshisname for cross-pollination.....hah! i still have government speak in my veins!!!! who says that, other than apiarists!? cross-pollination. Pah. Althought it, is an awesome word.

so, anyway....some awe-inspiring moments for me

- the dream you had from early childhood, of someday, sitting with your kid on a sunlit day, both reading, not saying anythin just communing, coming true
- seeing a nuthatch or a black throated blue warbler float through your back yard
- being tattooed with tiny dots on your chest to eradicate any malingering cancerous cells by Jane, the cheeriest radiologist on earth
-a big mac and fries for mother's day dinner
-warm slippers when your feet are freezing
-watching as the kids squeal, and plummet to the depths of the pool in search of the "Toypedo"
-planting herb seeds form L'Arche, given to you by a loved one, in a pot your daughter made for you for mother's day
-watching a seedling grow
-a fine fine fine cold glass of your favourite drink on a hot day
-sweat running down your back from exertion
- putting your clothes on the line to dry on a sunny day
- the neighbour you barely know who helps your nervous kid put on his shin pads and soccer socks after school for a game, cause you're not there, tied down doing a CT scan downtown
-a day-long email from a friend on the other side of the continent, with photos! and who has not changed a bit since 1976
- A+ on a math test
-a hot compress on a sore back
- beautiful photos of beautiful things

And I could go on. and on. and on. Because I know how precious all of this is. And how awesome little wee moments are, and how they feed the fire in the soul, to lift it and move it, and keep it afloat.

Show me yours. I just showed you mine.



Holly said...

- learning something new
- macdonalds after some drinks
- little bursts of idealism that make you think anything is possible
- a cold drink of water
- watching the leaves emerge after a long winter
- my sunroof
- movie night...
- laughing so hard I get a head ache
- realizing that life isn't about the small things

- reading as a trememdous person goes through something so heavy with such strength and personality...

Auntie Cake's Shop said...

I love you Holly!! thank you!!! love the sunroof one. Movies...what have you seen that is good to watch? Dying to watch the fighter....

Anonymous said...

Light sparkling on water